Shortly before Matt and I’s wedding in October 2013, I wanted to get in better shape.  At that point, I was running consistently but the part my wedding dress really showed off were my arms and those have always been a trouble spot for me.  I wasn’t sure how to better tone my arms aside from doing tons of push-ups, which, let’s be honest, didn’t sound very fun!

Then in August of 2013, through recommendation from a friend, I found Jabz Boxing. Little did I know, almost three years later, I would be just as excited about it as I was before my wedding.

Just as a little preview, below is a picture from our wedding.  It was the strongest I had felt in a long time, and my arms were more toned than they had ever been.


A couple years later, fast forward to a few months before my sister’s wedding (girl holding both bouquets in the picture!) and she found herself looking for a similar thing. She wanted to find something to help her get toned before her wedding and beach honeymoon in Aruba.  She has always had some trouble with her ankles, so exercise can be difficult and painful for her. Knowing that Jabz has small class sizes (only 16 women) I suggested she give it a try. I knew she would be able to get a great workout and the trainer could help her with modifications if she needed it. She too, fell in love with Jabz.

Part of why I wanted to feature Jabz on my blog, is not only because it is one of the best workouts I have ever had in a 45 minute period, or because there is rumor of one coming to Arcadia (yay!), but because it can truly help alter your workout plan, diet and lifestyle.

Alongside their workouts, Jabz offers a 60 day transformation challenge. My sister, who is naturally thin and can really get away with eating anything (don’t we wish we were all like that!) told me she was going to give their transformation challenge a try. I thought she was crazy, she had no weight to lose! She told me she was excited to push herself a little more in her workout routine in addition to learn more about healthy eating. When you sign up for the 60 day transformation challenge, Jabz provides you with a meal plan, complete with multiple recipes to assist you in learning how to cook healthier. At the end of the 60 days, her transformation was inspiring!


These pictures show the start of the challenge, 30 days in, and finally at the end of 60 days! I am so proud of her and the results she was able to accomplish. She has become a stronger version of herself, and told me she has never felt better. This is not to say that she doesn’t enjoy a cheat meal, or a glass of wine now and then, but she has learned how to appropriately fuel her body for what it needs.

A few quick things about Jabz: 

  • They have multiple locations, check them out here!
  • It is a 60 minute class, and the workout itself lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Each day of the week focuses on different muscles. For example: Wednesday is legs day (cue the squats) and Tuesday typically focuses on biceps, back and triceps.
  • The studio is only for women and each class has room for 16 people. As a best practice, download their app on the app store and sign-up for classes ahead of time to make sure there is room in the class.
  • During the class, expect anything from tire-flipping, punching boxing bags, and there are usually tons of burpies!

Meg Flipping Tire - 2

IMG_4202 (1)

If you are interested in checking out Jabz, they offer a week for free.  If you want more flexibility than a week, Jabz also offers a Groupon price for new members at $24 for 10 classes!


Questions? Post them below!


XO, Arcadia Wife