Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  For me, this weekend was all about getting ready for the Phoenix Half Marathon that takes place on Saturday.  Living in Arcadia, there are amazing running trails on the canals that allow you to go for miles and protect your knees by running on sand.  It has also become a little sub-culture of Arcadia as the canal is usually bustling on the winter mornings with running clubs getting together.

I am fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) one of those people that loves to run.  This will be my seventh half-marathon and second time running the Phoenix Half.

Since this weekend has been focused on running and training for race day, I thought I would share a few of my running tips, for any fellow runners out there or even anyone considering training for a race.

But before I jump in, I wanted to share my running story.  When people find out that I am a runner and know the mileage I log, they either look at me like I am crazy or say “I could never do that.” And honestly, take me back about 9 years ago, I probably would have said the exact same thing.

But then I realized, we are capable of amazing things.  And it is a shame for anyone to grow old without knowing the strength and beauty that their body is capable of.

I am not suggesting that running is for everyone but accomplishing a physical goal that seems far out of reach is beyond inspiring, it can be life-changing.  You will be amazed at how strong you are and how much your body craves that physical push because many times it is our mind that holds us back.  In short, running was never something I thought I would do, and now it feels like breathing to me.  It is something I could not imagine living without.



Here are a few of my running tips if you are looking to get started, or just need a push in your current exercise routine.

  1. Find a running buddy (or two)!  I have running buddies in my dog Rose and a good friend who lives near me.  Accountability partners are a must!  Having someone waiting for you outside at 5:30am in the winter, will make sure you get your run in. Rose will also wake me when she hears my alarm go off because she loves to run too.  Talk about double duty!
  2. Devise a schedule that you can stick to.  For me, I run with my running buddy two to three times a week and complete my long runs on the weekend.  I have been able to hold this schedule consistently for almost 5 years because I complete my runs in the morning before life gets too hectic, and build-in my long runs on Saturdays as part of my weekend routine.
  3. Get gear that works for you! For me, Asics shoes are a must! I have purchased the same pair year after year, because they work for me.  Go out and test what works best for you.  I also know that if I am not running with my buddy, I need music.  I make sure to have my playlists updated and my beats headphones charged so that come running time, nothing will slow me down. I am ready to go!

Running Set-up


I’d love to know, what do you do to prep for a run or exercise? Any special tips you’d like to share?

XO, Arcadia Wife