Let’s be honest, it’s hot outside! And since I’ve had Ryder, it’s been hot here in Phoenix.  When Ryder first came home from the hospital, I was so excited to dress him in little shorts and t-shirts, all color coordinated.  But after a day or so, I quickly realized the Instagram outfits and the outfits that work in real life, can be very different.

Since birth, which has been about 4 months ago now, Ryder has lived in short-sleeve onesies.  They are easy for diaper changes (which happens at least 10 times a day) and if he spits-up, drools, or has a major blowout, they are easy to take-off and quickly change.  Ryder is also not a big pants guy! He loves having his chunky little legs free to kick around.  The other great thing about onesies is they don’t add any unnecessary stomach pain.  We all know what it feels like to wear pants that are too tight around our waist after a full meal, and since Ryder is a big eater, he loves wearing his onesies so nothing is restricting on his tummy!

So, when LavendarSunCo reached out to me about a collaboration on onesies, I  immediately responded YES because it truly is all that Ryder wears.  What I love most about LavendarSun’s onesie collection is the fun and playful phrases.  Ryder has a lot of blue and animal onesies (you know the typical baby ones) but he didn’t have any fun ones. We decided to add the Snoop Dogg “mind on my mommy” onesie to his collection and Daddy loved the “Pack my diapers, I am going fishing with Daddy.”


Soft and lightweight onesies, that are affordable are also really important.  When you can go 3-4 onesies a day, you need something that baby loves to wear and can nap in, that won’t break the bank.  The ones that I purchased from LavendarSunCo were all of these things – playful, soft, lightweight and affordable.

If you have a summer baby and are in need of some onesies (or know an expectant Mama!), I would definitely check out LavendarSunCo for their fun, trendy baby clothes.

Stay cool out there, Mamas…summer is almost over!



Arcadia Wife