Honestly, who doesn’t love pizza?

In Arcadia, there are so many new (and some not so new) pizza spots.  Below is a list of my favorites worth checking out!


Lou Malnati’s: 


Lou Malnati’s is a new spot to join our Arcadia neighborhood.  It is located off Camelback and 1st street, and offers authentic deep-dish Chicago Pizza to us Phoenicians.  My family is from Illinois, so I have had the opportunity to visit the original Lou Malnati’s in Chicago, and I have to say that this one in Phoenix, is just as awesome!


Federal Pizza: 


Federal Pizza has been in the Arcadia/Central Phoenix area for a little while, and is definitely one of my favorite spots to grab a slice of pizza.  They have unique pizzas with yummy toppings, great salads (I love their Chicken Panzanella), and an awesome beer list.  You can even pick up their pizzas and a growler to-go through their drive-thru window.


Parlor Pizzeria: 


The Parlor is an Arcadia favorite.  Formerly a beauty salon in the 60’s (hence the name “The Parlor”) this restaurant was the spot for bobs, beehives and almost six decades of other hair styles.  When the salon decided to close in 2007, it was repurposed into a restaurant space housing some of the most delicious pasta, pizza, salads, and desserts you will ever taste.   The key to the Parlor’s deliciousness is using ingredients that are in-season and fresh, many coming from their own garden.


Gino’s East: 


Gino’s East is a new spot coming to Arcadia, just off of 36th street and Indian School.  Truthfully, I haven’t tried Gino’s East yet, but I haven’t had many pizzas that I don’t love, especially when they are Chicago deep-dish style!  Gino’s East is set to open in the fall of 2016 and rumor has it that it will have an expansive outdoor patio and an awesome craft beer list.  Two of my favorite things!


North Italia:  


North is also an Arcadia favorite.  They have a few locations, but the one I frequent is located off 40th street and Camelback.  North has tons of yummy menu items, but their pizza is delicious, and if you get there for Happy Hour (3-6pm Monday-Friday, and all day Sunday) you can grab a glass of wine and a pizza for just $12! Who wouldn’t love that awesome deal?


I didn’t want to not mention a few others that I have talked about in previous posts, Pizzeria Bianco and LGO Pizzeria are also on my favorites list! 




After hearing about all those yummy spots, who else is ready for a slice of pizza?

I’d love to know, what’s your favorite pizza spot?