My Fellow Foodies,

If you live in Phoenix and have not attended Arizona Restaurant Week yet, there is still time! And with the holiday weekend coming up, what better way to spend one (or maybe even two) of your weekend nights checking out a new local spot?

Need some help narrowing down the expansive list? A few of my favorites are listed below.


Nook Kitchen: (make sure you get their caprese bruschetta – it is awesome!)


Beckett’s Table:


The Market by Jennifer’s: (make sure you check out their live music on Thursdays and Sundays!)


The Parlor: 


Did that make you hungry? I hope you enjoy Arizona Restaurant Week, it won’t be back until the fall.


Comment below with any suggestions on spots I missed.


XO, Arcadia Wife

3 thoughts on “Arizona Restaurant Week!”

  1. The Nook looks so cute!! Definitely need to check it out when we come in town next 🙂 ! Love your blog tiny girl!

    1. The Nook is so cute, we will definitely check it out the next time you guys are here! Thanks for your sweet note!

  2. You should add The Gladly to your list! It’s amazing! Their chopped salad, bacon wrapped scallops, and bourbon bread pie are to die for. Hands down my go to spot for restaurant week.

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