As you all know, it’s been awhile! I’m sorry. I have been pretty distant from my blog recently.

Part of it is that during the first trimester, not telling anyone was so difficult! I’ve always tried to keep my blog relevant to how I am truly feeling and I was so uninspired to write anything that wasn’t about our pregnancy. Yet, I felt the need to keep it under wraps, especially since we had experienced a miscarriage previously.

Another part of is that I have been so tired.  Growing a human is hard work! My body has definitely forced me to slow down and relax.  And we are moving on top of all of this! (Don’t worry, we’re still staying in Arcadia, we just wanted a little more space for our growing family).

All that being said, I have had some time to relax over the last few days in Texas with my husband’s family, and I wanted to share some of the pictures from our gender reveal last month. My parents and sister hosted our gender reveal, and they seriously had the cutest decorations and sweets.  I was over the moon with all the sweets because that has been my vice during pregnancy. I’ve had a serious sweet tooth!

Since we found out the gender of Baby B the weekend of our 4 year wedding anniversary, and I love the fall in Arizona, my mom and sister decided to do a fall theme for our gender reveal!





We gathered at my parent’s house with some of our friends and family. My parents knew the gender of Baby B for three weeks before we found out. I had my heart set on a confetti announcement, so my parents found out the gender to purchase the confetti.


Now we know we are having a baby boy, it would be easy for me to say I always felt like we were having a boy.  But I promise it’s true!! It was crazy to me how sure I felt that we were having a little boy.  I even had dreams about him before we knew.  I don’t know if it’s mother’s intuition, or something else but I could just sense it.


Matt and I definitely have so much to be thankful for this year, especially to be expecting our sweet baby boy. We’re still working on names (I promise, as soon as we know, I will share!).

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts as we have been going through this journey!


Arcadia Wife


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  1. Congratulations Lauren, I’m so excited for you and Matt! I will keep you in my prayers.

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