Happy First Day of Spring!

If you have been following my Instagram, then you probably know that I was out of town last weekend visiting my best friend in Orange County.   She and her soon-to-be hubby hosted a wine-country theme engagement party in San Clemente.  Everything was absolutely perfect – the weather, the food, the drinks (champagne of course!) and the company.

After attending this incredibly well-done engagement party, I have put together a few tips for any brides or grooms looking to host one themselves.


KEEP THE GUEST LIST TO A MINIMUM: Remember, when you get engaged there are so many amazing celebrations coming your way.  An engagement party is really above and beyond expectations, so keep your guest list small.  Invite your bridal party and close family so you can spend the time celebrating your upcoming nuptials.  Weddings can be a lot of work, so try to keep your engagement party light – all about celebrating you and your special someone!

Engagement Party (4)



USE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR TRIAL RUNS:  An engagement party is a great opportunity to test drive any of the vendors you are considering using.  Whether it’s a make-up artist, hairdresser, florist, caterer, or all of the above, it will give you a good idea about what to expect when working with different vendors.  It’s much easier to switch vendors with months to spare, rather than a few days or weeks before your wedding.



ENJOY THE CELEBRATION:  When you get started in the wedding planning phase, it can become stressful and overwhelming.  Use your engagement party as a way to take time and celebrate! Marriage is such a special thing, and you will always be able to call each other husband and wife.  You only have the short time before your wedding to call each other fiancé(e) and trust me it goes by fast!



And just because it was so beautiful, below are a few more pictures of last weekend! Hope you enjoy!

Engagement Party (2)





XO, Arcadia Wife 

5 thoughts on “California Engagement Party”

  1. Diggy!!! You are the most incredible best friend I could ever ask for ?? so inspired by your blogging and career ambition, you’re the sweetest friend ever. Ps my mom is going to die of happiness when she sees this post!!!

    1. Chels – your day was too beautiful not to document! Your mom did such an amazing job!

  2. I am so proud of my grandaughter, Chelsea, she has made so many good choices.
    Among them; her husband to be, Billy; Education, Friends, Work Ethic, and most of
    all God. You are living “the dream”. Thank you for all you do for your family.
    Love is All There is! Love you Grend

  3. The photos are so beautiful as is Chelsea! So happy for her! Love and best wishes from Florida!

  4. Dear Arcadia Wife, Lauren~
    Thank you for the lovely and most encouraging words! Coming from you, this is a true compliment! Beautifully written and appreciate your attention to all of the details!
    We are more than happy that you and Matt were able to come for this special celebration for Chelsea & Billy!
    All the Best to Arcadia Wife!
    Lynn Meintel

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