When I first found out I was pregnant again, I was beyond excited.

It was a Saturday, and Matt was out getting his haircut. I was a few days late, and I had felt some similar symptoms to the first time I was pregnant so I thought why not take a test? I was doing my best not to get my hopes up, because just a few days before I had actually taken a blood test, testing for hCG (the pregnancy hormone) and it was negative. My doctor told me after the negative blood test that it was very unlikely that I was pregnant, but I just had this feeling that something was different. Luckily, my intuition was right, and there I saw those two pink lines, again!

The first time I was pregnant, I didn’t call my doctor right away and this time I was not taking any chances.  After the miscarriage, I decided to start seeing a doctor who does acupuncture as well as my OB.  I called both doctors that Saturday afternoon and was in for blood testing first thing Monday morning.  The blood test confirmed I was pregnant, but now it was about my hCG levels rising to confirm that the pregnancy was sticking.  I went in for a blood test every other day for about a week and each time it confirmed that my levels were rising, I was estastic. But I also couldn’t help feel worried.

During pregnancy, I think any new mom worries a little bit, but when you have had a miscarriage, that worrying seems amplified.  In the beginning of my pregnancy, both doctors I was seeing were very cautious, and recommended that I discontinue working out (at least running and high-intensity workouts).  They suggested walking and prenatal yoga to ensure that I was not putting too much stress on my body as it prepared to house a baby for the next 9 months.

I am sharing all of this backstory because getting out of my workout routine for the first trimester was difficult. Now that I am in my second trimester I have been cleared to get back to my workout activity (just not overdoing it) and I have to say it’s even HARDER! I’m heavier now so running is not as easy and I am more tired than usual making a spin class after work seem impossible.

That said, I still care about fitness and exercise.  I believe in taking care of your body, especially when you are growing another little human.  So when MamaRoo Yoga reached out to me to give their yoga mat a try, I was so excited to be able to practice yoga on my own time, while still getting exercise that is gentle on my body. I have also read about all of the benefits of stretching and flexibility during pregnancy and labor, and yoga is perfect for that.

I’ve been using my yoga mat in our new backyard (where these pictures are taken).  It’s like my own little peaceful zen garden, I LOVE IT.  Being able to practice yoga in my own space with my MamaRoo mat, allows me to get exercise while not feeling the same competitive nature I usually have when attending workout classes.

With Baby B’s arrival coming, I have been really focused on finding good quality products.  I love this mat because it was made  without all the toxins and odors and plastic that many other yoga products use.  That means I can still use this mat with baby when he is here!


I love how soft this mat is, and how perfect it is for practicing all types of different yoga poses because of the length.

The mat also came with this black strap which is awesome, because I can store it easily when I am not using it, and I can take it to yoga classes when I am ready to get back into the swing of attending classes.

If you’d like to order your own mat, or for maybe a Christmas gift for that yogi in your life, here is a link to their website with the mat I am using. Comment below if you have any questions!


Arcadia Wife