I ran in the Phoenix Half Marathon this weekend, and was beyond excited to hit a new personal best completing 13.1 miles in one hour and 52 minutes, an average of 8:35 a mile! This was my seventh half-marathon and my second consecutive year achieving a personal record.


In the spirit of coming off a running weekend, and feeling that “runner’s high,” I wanted to share a few of my tips for the day before the race.


  1. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER:  I cannot emphasize this enough, especially if you are a runner in Phoenix.  We have been experiencing above normal temperatures, and the heat can have an adverse affect to your typical pace.  Make sure to hydrate so that you can combat the heat as best as possible and prepare your body.
  2. EAT CARBS!:  When are people saying that these days? But before a race, carbs are a must!  Be careful not to overdo it, don’t go back for multiple helpings of pasta just to “carbo-load.” Eat a normal amount, you don’t want to feel too full.
  3. BUT DON’T SKIP PROTEIN: Protein is important too! One of my favorite things to eat the night before a race is pasta with a chicken breast.  I get the lean protein from the chicken and carbs from the pasta.  If using a pasta sauce, I go for Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato and Basil because it is low on fat, high on vitamin C, and delicious!
  4. DO SKIP ALCOHOL:  Since the goal is to hydrate your body, make sure not to consume alcohol or any other dehydrating substance the day before the race.  I typically cut out alcohol the few weeks before my run to make sure I am focusing on hydrating my body.
  5. TRY NOT TO BE TOO ACTIVE THE DAY BEFORE: Fairly self-explanatory, but make sure to stay off your feet as much as possible.  Rest your legs to prepare them for the big race.  If you have nerves the day before the race, some people like to do a short, slow run to calm their energy.  I tend to do a long-run the weekend before my race, a short run one day during the week, and spend each night doing some light stretching.
  6.   GET EVERYTHING READY THE NIGHT BEFORE: Usually the morning of the race starts very early! To combat any nerves about getting up early and remembering all my gear, I set everything out the night before.  Pin your bib-number to your shirt and get your phone, headphones, and anything else electronic you use charged so you have everything ready to go in the morning.
  7. GET TO BED EARLY: Sometimes it is hard on a weekend night to get to bed early, but it is so important to get your rest before the race.  You have been training for this day for months, make sure you get your shut-eye so that you can be the best version of yourself the morning of the run.


I hope these tips are helpful! And because I am still so excited, here is a post-race selfie!



What else would you like to know about training for a run? Any other helpful tips I missed?


XO, Arcadia Wife