If you are not familiar with La Grande Orange, you are missing out! LGO (as us locals call it), has become a staple Arcadia spot for many reasons.  A few of those reasons being their homemade gelato and english muffins, but their tasting room is definitely worth checking out, especially this Wednesday March 9th!


From 6-8pm in the tasting roomChappelett Winery is hosting a free wine tasting! I call it #winetastingwednesday!


Matt and I have attended a couple of wine tasting events at LGO, and we love being able to learn more about the hosting winery and sample some of their favorite wines.  You can even purchase any of the bottles you love in LGO’s market.  It’s like a mid-week trip to wine country!


So, if you don’t have plans this Wednesday, I suggest heading to LGO for some wine and a pizza from their pizzeria! Try the Fallen Angel pizza (that’s our favorite!).  You can even sit outside on their patio and bring your pup, as LGO is dog-friendly!


If you can’t make it this week, check out LGO’s upcoming wine events! If you do get a chance to go, I’d love to know your thoughts!


XO, Arcadia Wife